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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How I Came to Be

I will not nor will I ever reveal my true age in this blog.

I am older in years than you would ever consider by looking at me. I have traveled across the globe, meeting with wise men and sages in the most unlikely places.

My story is not unlike others you may have heard. About 20 years ago, I woke up. Bleeding from a huge gash on the side of my head, and waves crashing around my body. I woke up lost, without any recollection of who I was at all.

I found out since then that a man who may or may not have been my father was the first mate on a transatlantic shipping crew.

I traveled across the globe looking for answers. I was in Europe when I awoke, but I have traveled to many places since then and I now am preparing for my next journey across the Americas.

I have met with many sages, many men who I thought may have known me in a past life, but to no avail. But I stay with these men. They made me do chores, and sometimes they made me do nothing at all, except breathe. And when they felt I was ready to learn, they spoke. But sometimes they never spoke at all. But each and every master taught me volumes.

I learned to focus, and by focusing I learned to think. My mind was all but awakened-- the only door I could not open was the one door I've been trying to unlock. But I've learned to let that go. To make peace with the second chance I was given.

But these wise men taught me to think with rationality, to not judge without a fair outlook, to learn for myself, once again, the Right.

And so now, I learn of society once again. And it is possible you have seen me on the message boards. Because these message boards seem to me to be the sages of today. Of course, there are some inconsistencies, but dig hard enough and deep enough and you will undoubtedly find a pure white truth.

If you are looking for advice, and you are lost, consider this. Sit for a minute and just focus. When you feel relaxed, look at yourself and play out the next ten years of your life or so. Do those following ten years go where you want them to? Do you live the life you've always wanted?

If not, well, I have news for you. Those ten years happened. You have already lived those ten years. And you were miserable.

But you made a wish.

You wished that you could start over. And you sat up in bed all night with tears rolling down your face praying that you could go back, because if you could, you would do so much more in your life than you have.

And someone heard your wish. And they granted it. And this moment right now IS your second chance. Don't waste it! This is your second chance to go out and live the life you've always wanted-- because you will not get a third chance.

Everyone gets one. This is mine. And this is yours. Don't waste it.


  1. Impressive, is this a true story?

  2. Woww man, this is deep!! Sounds almost depressive to me but it really does makes you realize you only got one life to live! Keep up the good work

  3. I need to learn to relax and just breathe for a few minutes, I am way too stressed for my age, I should learn to chill and take life easy. Then I'll be able to enjoy it more

  4. That is one hell of an impressive story! You are an impressive writer, your story makes me reflect on my own life and what direction it is going. You engage me in your text. Not to mention your grammer is impecable. I like you man, I like you a lot!

  5. Thats so interesting. THere should be a movie about your life!

  6. cool starry bra
    sad it's probably just not true

  7. Wow man... this hit my core... I can honestly say all bs aside, that this is my wake up call.

  8. Good post! Looking forward to reading you next one

  9. i lost my keys once. it felt a whole lot like that...

    seriously though, i look forward to your next post

  10. Dude, is this a true story. I was having some of the same thoughts. Like looking for the truth in mundane everyday sort of places that will lead to some sort of higher enlightenment.

  11. very very well written. I am impressed dude.