If the pen and the sword are interchangeable in terms of resistance, than I am a knight and the people are my kingdom.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Birds and Stones

There was once a man who killed two birds with one stone, and he thought, "Have I just increased the weapon value of a stone, or have I reduced a bird's life to something to be killed economically?"

There was once a man who killed a million birds with one plutonium stone, and he thought, "Now, I am my brother's keeper."

Said the second man to the first, "Neither, my brother. You have taught them fear."


  1. wow, insane meaningful post. keep them coming!

  2. really deep... can easily be applied to todays society

  3. metaphors are fun

  4. that was very deep! Did you write this? Because I couldn't find anything similar on Google.

  5. @mr bouchard

    when you've spoken with as many wise men as I have its not as much writing as it is grabbing each of their knowledge threads and braiding