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Sunday, October 24, 2010


Especially the hardcore drugs

Get addicted to heroin? Good.

I forgot to mention the part where obvious drug users are denied free medcare.

So let the slackers kill themselves. Population control.

Legalize weed. Let the stoners go out in public and buy shit they would never buy sober. Help the economy. People could open up new businesses as chill locations for stoners.

Some of the greatest thinkers admit to using drugs. Make it legal. See what the geniuses come up with.

Why the hell not is my thinking...

[to be taken twice daily with a grain of salt. This is just pointless rabbling, not something to quote.]


  1. Makes you wonder what society would be like if there were never drugs laws to begin with...

    I guess that's a two way street

  2. during alcohol prohibition gangsters often killed each other over products. since we have re-legalized alcohol have you seen Smirnoff go to war with Bacardi? NO, i think not. good thread

  3. One of college professors once said that if she was driving home one night and there was another car on the road, she would much rather the driver be baked the be drunk of his ass.

    I think this says a lot about the idiocracy of our drug laws.