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Monday, October 18, 2010

HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD: 1-- Destroy the Internet

The internet needs to be abolished.

1. People are downloading music and watching movies for free instead of going out to stores.
  a. No point in opening a music or movie store which will inevitably fail.
2. The internet is endlessly fascinating, people are less inclined to leave their homes.
3. If people aren't leaving their homes, they aren't working or being productive.

I could keep the list going but that would take forever.

Meaning I'll be sitting in front of my world-weary computer instead of exploring the world and meeting real people. Learning. Experiencing life.

Life and the internet are like oil and water- they don't mix. 

Money is being lost to people being able to get things for free that they would normally have to pay for- and the kicker:


We have, in the vaults of America, 10 pounds of gold. And to this gold we have 500 dollars printed. But America keeps printing more money. So now that 10 pounds of gold is the same as 1000 dollars. And most of that money is being sent outside of America, so 3-4 pounds of that gold isn't even ours.

The American dollar- and directly related- America, grows weak because of the Internet.

And it grows weaker by the minute.

[obviously hypocritical. obvious rabbling. this post holds no water whatsoever and if you consider otherwise and take any action that might harm the internet, I will not have your back. I will actually be pretty angry. I'm still catching up on Community]

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  1. america could easily have failed without the help of the internet. shit got real in wwII when all that generation had to listen was vinyl. further, the world has always had a chance to fail without the help of any electronic technology due to our animalistic nature with or without recorded music. finally, at this point, destroying the internet will destroy ALL of the world's markets because we are now living on it. if you are looking for a purer but shorter-lasting life with an inevitable cataclysmic end, then destroy the internet. if not, let it live and continue to fight the man as best as you can.